Infrastructure Partnerships Australia was established in 2005, creating a new public policy partnership between Australia’s Federal and state governments, and the private sector. 

We operate as a think tank on infrastructure market reform opportunities; as a source of data on the Australian market; and as a network and meeting place for senior practitioners from across the national and global infrastructure markets.

We are a not for profit, Non Government Organisation, and our membership is deliberately balanced between central and line agencies across the Australian and state governments, and the private sector. 

IPA has had two Chairmen: 

•         Adrian Kloeden – 2013-present; and

•         The Hon Mark Birrell – 2005-2013.

IPA’s policy themes are guided by our National Advisory Board. See the members of our Board HERE.

IPA’s Chief Executive is Brendan Lyon, who has been with the organisation since early 2006.

Deliberate and consistent microeconomic reform across the past 30 years has seen Australia move from public sector monopolies in transport, utilities and other areas to having among the world’s most sophisticated and efficient infrastructure markets. 

Australia was an early mover on alternative project procurement models, like Public Private Partnerships – and we continue to evolve world-leading models to drive efficient private provision into the delivery of infrastructure assets, and public services. 

These procurement innovations, together with Australia’s creation of efficient and competitive markets for aviation, airports, above rail freight, telecommunications and the reformed parts of the National Electricity Market, see Australia well equipped to consider and resolve the way forward, as Australia’s population and economy grow and change. 

As a policy and reform partnership, our policy and research programme seeks to identify real opportunities to improve the efficiency of individual projects – and the regulation of efficient national infrastructure markets. 

We consider public infrastructure broadly – from transport and utilities, through to asset-based social and public services, such as public health, public/social housing and justice. 


Infrastructure Partnerships Australia provides an independent vehicle to forge the deep experience of Australia’s government and private sectors, into a policy and community consensus for better infrastructure. 


Our Members

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia draws the public and private sectors together to promote best practice in the identification, design and delivery of nationally significant infrastructure assets and services.  
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Our Services

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia prides itself on the services we deliver for our Membership and the broader infrastructure sector.  
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Our Board

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia is overseen by an independent National Advisory Board 
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Our Patrons

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia has appointed some of the industry's most eminent leaders to act as our Patrons.  
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Chief Executive

IPA Leadership is responsible for the development and implementation of our advocacy agenda. 
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Being part of IPA means setting the pace, leading the debate, guiding planning and developing policy for the priorities and direction of infrastructure development throughout Australia. 
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Our Partners

Our Partners 
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