Infrastructure Partnerships Australia is the nation’s peak infrastructure body - formed in 2005 as a genuine and enduring policy partnership between Australia’s governments and industry.

IPA’s formation recognises that through innovation and reform, Australia can extract more from the infrastructure it’s got, and invest more in the infrastructure we need.

Through our research and deep engagement with policymakers and industry, IPA seeks to capture best practice and advance complex reform options to drive up national economic prosperity and competitiveness.

Infrastructure is about more than balance sheets and building sites. Infrastructure is the key to how Australia does business, how we meet the needs of a prosperous economy and growing population and how we sustain a cohesive and inclusive society.

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia draws together the public and private sectors in a genuine partnership to debate the policy reforms and priority projects that will build Australia for the challenges ahead.



Infrastructure Partnerships Australia was launched in December 2005 to answer the call from industry and governments for a new approach to meeting Australia’s infrastructure challenges.  
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Our Members

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia draws the public and private sectors together to promote best practice in the identification, design and delivery of nationally significant infrastructure assets and services.  
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Our Services

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia prides itself on the services we deliver for our Membership and the broader infrastructure sector.  
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Our Board

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia is overseen by an independent National Advisory Board 
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Our Patrons

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia has appointed some of the industry's most eminent leaders to act as our Patrons.  
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Chief Executive

IPA Leadership is responsible for the development and implementation of our advocacy agenda. 
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Being part of IPA means setting the pace, leading the debate, guiding planning and developing policy for the priorities and direction of infrastructure development throughout Australia. 
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Our Partners

Our Partners 
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