Wal King AO

"Infrastructure Partnerships Australia is a critical voice in the national infrastructure debate. The infrastructure industry faces significant challenges in planning, funding, procuring and delivering the kinds of assets and services that will sustain Australia through the next century. IPA is at the forefront of developing the policies that will address the pinch points to our industry and streamline Australia’s continued economic and social development."

Wal King AO



Wal King AO was appointed CEO of Leighton Holdings Limited (LHL) in 1987 after almost 20 years with the Leighton Group, before retiring from the position in 2010. He has a Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering Science from UNSW, and joined Leighton Contractors as a civil engineer in 1968.

Mr King began his career working on major construction projects all over Australia before quickly moving into management. He was appointed a Director of LHL in 1975 and Managing Director of Leighton Contractors in 1977, before being appointed Deputy Managing Director of LHL in 1983.

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